Animal Laboratory

CPCSEA Approved Animal Laboratory for the period 2016-2020

The IAEC consists of following members:
Sl.No Designation Name of member
1 Chairman& Head of the Institution Dr. Raghunandan Nerella
2 Biological Scientist Dr. Dalapathi Gugulothu
3 Scientist Dr. Shyam Sunder A
4 Veterinarian Dr. VikramKumarNallella
5 Scientist in charge. Mr. Raja N,
6 Scientist Dr. Maish Kumar Thimmaraju
7 Nonscientific socially aware member C. VidyaSagar Reddy
8 Main Nominee Dr. Syed S.Y.H Qadri
9 Link Nominee Dr. Y. Narasimha Reddy
10 Scientist from outside institute Dr. M.J. Mahesh Kumar
11 Socially aware nominee Mrs. Gowri Satya Prabha