Anti Ragging committee as per AICTE norms

Anti Ragging Committee

The institute as formed Anti Ragging Committee as per AICTE norms which includes principal as head and a team of senior faculty.

Along with institutional staff the committee consists of various walks of society (i.e. lawyer and psychologist).

The Committee has taken steps and allotted duties to all the staff members at almost all areas in the college (i.e. canteen, parking places, different blocks, play grounds etc.) and ensure that at least one faculty member will be present at any particular time at all the locations to avoid ragging activities.

Huge campaigning about anti-ragging is being done in the forms of Flexes, Posters and Boards in college campus.

A Grievance cell is constituted which is the integral part of the committee to resolve the issues related to ragging activities.

The institute is actively involved in conducting various awareness programmes about Anti Ragging in the form of meetings and PPTs to the senior students, faculty & non-college personnel.

S.No Faculty Name Designation
1. Dr.N.Raghunandan Principal
2. Dr.Shyam sunder HOD(Pharm.D)
3. Mrs.K.Meenakshi HOD(Pharm.Quality assurance)
4. G Venkat Ramana Associate Professor
5. Mr. Suresh A.O(BGOI)
6. Mr.Khaleem Office Superindent