Teaching Faculty

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Department
1 Dr. NERELLA RAGHUNANDAN Professor & Principal Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2 Dr. THIMMARAJU MANISH KUMAR Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
3 Dr. GUGULOTHU DALAPATHI Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
4 Mrs. KANDAVELU MEENAKSHI Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
5 Mr. RAJA NAVAMANI SUBRAMANIAN Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
6 Mr. GODISHALA VENKATA RAMANA Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
7 Mr. PALLETI SIDDHARTHA KUMAR Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
8 Mr. JESETTI NAGARAJU Associate Professor Pharmacology
9 Ms. ANUSHA KUSUMA Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
10 Mr. SAMUDRALA KIRAN KUMAR Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
11 Ms. BOMMAGANI ANUSHA Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
12 Mr. PATCHIMATLA ARAVIND Assistant Professor Pharmacology
13 Mr. THADISETTY ANUDEEP Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
14 Miss. KANDAGATLA MAMATHA Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
15 Mrs. SURYADEVARA PRASANNA Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
16 Mr. BANOTHU PRASHANTH Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
17 Mr. POTHARAJULA SRINIVAS Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
18 Mr. BANOTH MOHAN Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
19 Ms. GODISHALA PRIYANKA Lecturer Pharmaceutics
20 Ms. BUSA SUSHMITHA Lecturer Pharmaceutics
21 Mrs. K. KALPANA Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
22 Mr. POUDALA KIRAN Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
23 Ms. MANDA MANASA Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
24 SWAPNA MORE Associate Professor Pharmacognosy
25 Mr. A. SURESH Assistant Professor Pharmacology
26 NALLA RAJINI KANTH Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
27 DHARAVATH RAJ KUMAR Lecturer Pharmaceutical Analysis
28 G. MAHARSHI Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
29 MORE NARASINGAM Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Analysis
30 YAMUNA Lecturer Pharmaceutical Analysis
31 B. MANASA Lecturer Pharmaceutics
32 BIRE VIJAY KUMAR Assistant Professor Pharmacology

Faculty of Pharm.D

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Department
33 Dr. ANCHURI SHYAM SUNDER Professor Pharmacology
34 Dr. GAJU RAJKUMAR Assistant Professor Pharm.D
35 Dr. CHINTAM SUNIL KUMAR Assistant Professor Pharm.D
36 Mrs. ENUMULA DEEPTHI Associate Professor Pharm.D
37 Dr. BOGOJU VINAY Lecturer Pharm.D
38 Dr. CH MALLESHAM Lecturer Pharm.D
39 Mrs. AKUNURI SWARNALATHA Associate Professor Pharm.D
40 Dr. BACHU BRAHMANI Assistant Professor Pharm.D
41 Dr. VEERAMALLA SRIVIDYA Lecturer Pharmacology
42 Mrs. DIDDI SHIREESHA Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics
43 Ms. DEVIKA Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry
44 Ms. T.Likhitha Assistant Professor Pharm.D
45 Mr. M.shivaramakrishna Assistant Professor Pharm.D

Adjunct Faculty

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Department
46 NARESH GUDORU Assistant Professor MBA
47 SRINIVAS D Assistant Professor H&S
48 MERGU KAVYA Assistant Professor H&S
49 MERGU KAVYA Assistant Professor H&S
50 DASARI PAVANA KUMARI Assistant Professor H&S
51 BHANOTH RAJENDER Assistant Professor H&S
52 FERQUNDA TABASSUM Assistant Professor H&S
53 KOLUVULA RANJITH Assistant Professor H&S
54 MOHAMMAD MUNAWAR NAZEEB Assistant Professor H&S