Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analysis is a branch of analytical chemistry which deals with quality of Pharmaceutical substances and raw materials. This course will acquaint areas such as stability testing, stress testing to validate stability-indicating methods, plant or animal material analysis, cleaning validations, degradation tests and stability studies, Analytical Method development and method validation, Bioanalytical method development and validation, Impurity profiling, maintenance of raw materials and finished products, and documentation which show their concussion on the development of various pharmaceutical products. Right through this curriculum, trenchant cGMP regulations, FDA guidances and ICH Quality guidelines will be elaborated precisely affirming procedures to help the students to carry on a high level of compliance that surrounds the laboratory ambience.

The central instrumentation laboratory which is the integral part of Pharmaceutical Analysisdepartmentwhich has unique facilities for carrying out analysis of various drugs and pharmaceuticals. It is one of the most exorbitant laboratories in terms of the expense of the instruments. The laboratory is equipped with domestic and imported analytical instruments.